How To Develop Those Toned Glutes And Legs

  • By: protrain_admin
  • June 20, 2018

We all want those sexy glutes and toned legs, both can be attained at once with my simple tried and tested workout combination.

When it comes to the tight and toned glutes this can be easily done if you’re willing to shed some sweat and tears. The leg transformation begins with the right training with intensity and volume. The goal that you set has to be realistic instead of aiming to look like Beyonce instead aim for the best version of yourself!

To be successful in developing your legs, the right exercise and training volume is key. Having trained different clients for over 20 years to reach their personal fitness goals, it is my pleasure to reveal 3 exercise volume for the “sexy legs” that you have been dreaming about.

Understanding the basic framework is needed for specific exercises. The two pitfalls that are faced when training legs is the lack of intensity and inadequate number of repetitions.

As I have observed over the course of 20 years different body types require compound weight exercise such as squats, dead-lifts, lunges, leg presses and hip thrusts works for building lean legs. For best result, use compound movements and keep the repetition between 8 to 15 reps per set; the set volume should be a maximum of 15 reps; and with sets ranging between 3 to 5.

We all want those sexy glutes and sexy legs right away, though overtraining is not going to help anyone. Overtraining can cause major problems especially when training legs. Overexerting the joints by training too much can lead to excessive stress that would cause potential injury.

While training we have to be in tune with our bodies so when your knee is in pain don’t ignore it and think that it is part of the training, it means that you are in a state of overtraining. Though keep in mind that for a short period of time a small amount of pain in the beginning of training is sometimes normal. The way to prevent knee injuries is to monitor your number of repetitions and rest between training.

Everyone is built different with different body types and capabilities. The exercise volume and recovery time needs to be keenly observed. Take note of all the muscle soreness, lack of range of motion, and resting heart rate first thing in the morning in order to identify your recovery range. When your heart rate is higher that last weeks reading, that means that your body is in a state of overtraining. Your heart rate has to be the same or lower than the average rate. Being aware of your body would allow you to achieve the results you want without causing injury.

I have imparted the basics of the program and the 3 magical basic training instructions to build your perfect glutes and sexy legs in record time!

On alternating days train the front and the back of your legs. Day one quads on one day; give yourself a 2-day break, and day 2 hamstrings with your glutes.
Adding plyometric jump training helps build strength faster, by helping you lift more weight, and build your leg muscles faster.
Perform every movement until your body fails (body can’t do one more).

Always consult with a health professional and fitness trainer before beginning any new exercise regimen.

Specific lifting technique s and training time vary with multitude of details for different body types and capabilities.

Let us know what your favorite leg workout is in the comments!

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