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T5 stands for: Technique, Excite, Frequency, Rest, Intensity, Volume, Elevation. The T5 technique will get you stronger, more balanced, toned, more muscle, and more confident. With T5 training, it does not matter what fitness level you are at; the technique is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. It requires minimal equipment, just dumbbells and a mat and you can workout at your own place following Mike’s daily training videos. You will get access up to 10 different episodes every day. Follow the videos and do training day 1, 2, and 3 each week for a total of 12 sessions and see great results!

Contest Guide Step by Step

Before registering: 

Please consult with your Doctor before starting our program or any physical fitness program to make sure you are healthy enough to begin exercising. Do not begin our fitness program if you have not consulted your doctor first. By participating in our program, you are stating that you have confirmed your health with your doctor and you are healthy enough to begin a physical fitness program.


First, sign up for free at Second, submit your before picture (take a picture of you and that day’s newspaper displaying the date) to confirm your start date and email it to Please note that the date of the newspaper paper will be your start date. Third, do a short video (15 seconds minimum) of yourself right before you start and post to your social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to use the hastags: #protrainerlive and #30dayfitnesschallenge and also email the link to

Before measurement:

Take your body measurement before getting started. Record your before weight by taking two (2) pictures of you standing on a scale. One (1) captures your whole body and another one (1) captures the scale screen showing your weight. These pictures need to be posted on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hastags: #protrainerlive and #30dayfitnesschallenge.‎‎

Time to begin:

Once signed up, you will get access to our T5 workout videos to follow 3 times per week and F9 nutrition meal plan to follow on a daily basis. Listen to the safety video and follow the program.

Record your progress: 

Take a picture of yourself before and after working out weekly. Post your before and after pictures on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter profiles with the hashtags: #protrainerlive and #30dayfitnesschallenge. This needs to be done 6 times per week (1 before and 1 after picture for each day you work out; 3 days per week) during the 30-day contest.

After measurement:

Take your body measurement after completing your 30-day challenge. Record your weight by taking a picture of you standing on a scale. We should be able to see your weight from the picture. Feel free to provide multiple pictures if you think it helps showing a clear impression of your progress. These pictures need to be posted on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter along with the hashtags: #protrainerlive and #30dayfitnesschallenge, as well as emailed to for review.‎


The winner will be evaluated by our team based on your transformation from your start date to the end date and the quality of your contest posts on social media during your 30-day journey.


You must not use any artificial means of weigh loss; absolutely no drug use to lose weight or gain muscle.

You must follow the T5 plan for this contest.

You must not miss posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter your before and after pictures with the hashtags: #protrainerlive and #30dayfitnesschallenge 6 times per week (3 days per week).


Failure to follow any of the above rules and guidelines will result in NOT being considered for award evaluation.

Now comes the exciting part, THE PRIZE!!

The winner of the contest will get a $500 shopping gift card! Hard work will pay off!

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