F9 Nutrition

Be your best. You deserve it. You want it.

Nine functional elements of your diet; protein, fat, carbohydrates, super foods, probiotics, antioxidants, fiber, water, herbs.

Increase Energy – Feel Your Best – Better Digestion – Clearer Focus.

From Mike Whiteley’s research and experience he understands that exercise alone will not ensure that a person’s health goals are reached. A proper nutrition plan is needed to develop a sound mind and body. The majority of health-related problems stem from poor nutrition management. With that in mind Michael developed the F9 nutrition protocol, which is designed to build a firm nutritional foundation to allow the body to function optimally. The perfect balance of his program has proven to be the most effective means to build physical health and performance. Mike realizes that with correct food and supplement choices any individual can make a tremendous impact on their energy and quality of daily life. The program focuses on proper nutrition selection in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, super foods, probiotics, antioxidants, fibre, water and herbs. Within those categories there is everything that is needed to build perfect health and performance!

Why get a training and nutrition coach?

We get a training and nutrition coach because health is the number one thing we live for! To achieve mastery of anything in life, we need continuous mentoring from people that have the same interest or have more experience in our area of interest. What is your ultimate goal in life? What is your objective? What path are you taking there? There are many responses to those questions, but there is one basic objective in life and that is to build and maintain your vitality. How do you build vitality? You can build it through a conscious awareness of your environment, diet, and physical actions. Finding a coach that dedicates their life to learning and living these aspects will optimize your awareness and accountability to what your ideal objectives are. Optimal health and energy are everyone’s goal. The number one complaint doctors get from their patients is low energy. Why? It relates to a lack of knowledge of their personal dietary needs and a lack of motivation to begin an appropriate physical activity routine. This is what a personal training and nutrition coach will help you achieve.

  • Maximum energy
  • Better health awareness
  • A stronger and tighter body
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Motivation
  • Confidence


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