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Here at Pro Trainer Live Fitness we put an emphasis on satisfying our client’s specific health and fitness needs. Everything that we do and administer to our clients is proven and researched nutrition and training regiments. These regiments are designed to help with accelerated results; personal education and assisting with helping every person surpass their personal goals. We look at each individual uniquely and identify their specific deficiencies and strengths to design a customized training, nutrition and supplement regiment, which pushes each client to attain their goals as well as keeping them safe from injury. We take pride in creating a high bench mark that other companies strive to attain in customer satisfaction, education and pure results. My passion is in helping individuals find their unlimited potential in health, happiness, fitness and personal performance. I am happy to say that I am able to live my passion helping others, and I would like to have the pleasure of helping you. Our personal training Toronto program has worked wonders of thousands of individuals and is guaranteed to work for you!

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Personal Training Toronto

At PTL FITNESS we provide superior personal training services that go beyond your expectations. Here at Pro Trainer Live Fitness in Toronto, we take each individual and look at their unique needs and goals and then create specific habit changing/personalized meal plans and training regimens that are specific to that individual’s needs. When you look at each individual as an individual rather than giving a broad based program, we are able to deliver long lasting results. We are not only your training solution in our North York Studio but now we come out to you anywhere in the GTA. Contact us and book a session in your own home today.

Bootcamp Toronto

Our Bootcamp Toronto training provides you with group exercises that develop your core conditioning, strength, flexibility as well as shape and tone your body. Our bootcamp program utilizes an intensified T5 training protocol to assist each one of the participants in getting into fat burning zone to shed extra unwanted belly fat and other unwanted areas. All participants in our training programs receive specific body type meal plans which is unique to our fitness company. We don’t only train our clients we mentor them into healthy habits and assist them with all fitness, supplement, food and integrative health questions. Although our Bootcamp North York classes are located in the heart of the city we offer mobile training seesions to our clients all across the GTA. Contact us anytime and we'll come out to you.

Personal Training Toronto
Bootcamp Toronto


Semi-private training is a combination between personal and bootcamp training. This is ideal for the individual who wants a personalized program and enjoys training in small groups no greater than 5, to assist in their training and motivation.

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