“Real Testimonials From Clients”

““Mike Whiteley is one of Toronto Ontario’s Top Elite personal trainers””

Simply stated, Mike Whiteley is one of Toronto Ontario’s Top Elite personal trainers. I’ve had the great privilege
Of being trained by Mike and also representing his amazing company, Pro Trainer Live.
There are few personal trainers who have the rare ability to teach people how to “THINK THE RIGHT WAY”, “EAT THE RIGHT WAY” and “TRAIN THE RIGHT WAY”. His level of aptitude in the field of nutrition and as a personal trainer is truly second to none.
Mike Whiteley is that rare personal trainer, who truly understands the uniqueness of human biochemistry, nutrition and exactly what it takes to get the very best out of his clients physical training.
I can truly say that I’ve observed him practicing what he teaches at all times.
If you are fed up with struggling with your weight and a “negative thought life”, and would like to truly learn how to “Think right”, “Eat Right” and “Train Right” which is his ” FINGERPRINT PHILOSOPHY FOR TRANSFORMATION”, The choice is very clear, sign up to be personally coached by Mike Whiteley at Protrainerlive.com Today.

  • Gaston John-Baptiste
  • Sales & Marketing Professional

“I would strongly recommend if you are serious about your health”

I have had the pleasure of having Mike as my trainer for the past few years. I have had other trainers in the past and Mike provided the knowledge and discipline that past trainers have been able to supply but there is so much more to Mike’s offering. Mike is a truly committed professional who walks the walk as well as talks the talk when it comes to health and fitness. His knowledge and experience about exercise and nutrition are in my mind truly second to none! But what I think really sets Mike apart is his true caring and enthusiasm for me, my health and my goals! Mike went the extra mile and then some to accommodate my schedule and was truly committed to improving my health and general wellbeing! I would strongly recommend if you are serious about your health and are truly committed to making positive changes you hire Mike because he will be truly committed to you!!!

  • Rob Orr, CA, CMC CEO
  • PowerBand Global

“my personal trainer for over 6 years”

Mike has been my personal trainer for over 6 years. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Mike’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle! Mike is a great trainer.

  • Kemba, Toronto, ON

“few weeks of being on the program I noticed the inches melting away”

My name is Fran Drago. When I first met Mike I was 134 lbs and had a body fat of 29%. By the time Mike was finished whipping me into shape I was 123 lbs with a body fat of 16%. I also had muscle definition and abs which I never had before. I am in better shape today at the age of 43 than I ever was in my twenties. What I liked about Mike’s program was that it was geared specifically for me. Mike did an analysis of my eating habits and adjusted my diet accordingly. He substituted some products and added vitamins and nutritional supplements to help me achieve my goal. Mike also designed a work out program which I did three times a week at home and once a week with him. What I liked about his exercise program was that I didn’t need to use heavy equipment. The program was designed to use my own body weight to exercise. Mike would call me at least once a week to ask how I felt and always had words of encouragement for me. He truly cared about my progress and success. I noticed the transformation immediately. Within a few weeks of being on the program I noticed the inches melting away, especially around my hips and waist. Within a few months the muscle definition was really noticeable around my arms, abs and back. I was extremely happy with Mike and my progress. He pushed me hard at every work out. His extensive knowledge and commitment to nutrition and health and work ethics was very impressive. Mike was always educating and sharing his knowledge and was always available to answer any question you had on health or products. Thank you Mike

  • Fran Drago

“extremely happy with the phenomenal results that have been achieved”

My wife and I are clients of Mike Whiteley, from day one, he was exact in his assessment of our training and nutritional needs. We are extremely happy with the phenomenal results that have been achieved through Mike’s dynamic training systems. Mike’s depth of knowledge of the body and nutritional needs, the fact that he’s always accessible (we often contact Mike for advice while shopping for supplements/groceries) has lead us to continue with Mike even after our first cycle of training sessions were complete.

  • Jason and Marcia Dorsey

“At Pro Trainer Live, you feel like part of the family”

A little less than two years ago, I had gotten Mike’s number from a family friend. At this moment in my life, I was desperate to lose weight, as I was morbidly obese. I had just finished school four months prior, and it was the first time I wasn’t going back in September. I knew this was my moment to change my life. Little did I know I would meet Mike Whitely- my trainer, nutrition coach and dear friend. I started out with private sessions, where he gave me the motivation, knowledge and instruction to become active. Within the first couple weeks, I had noticed great changes in my energy, ability, and body. I was shedding pounds and gaining great strength in record time. Within three months, I had reached and exceeded the goal I had set. All this was achieved due to Mike’s individualized training and nutrition program, and commitment to his trainees. As I became stronger and more physically able, I started to join his group training classes. At Pro Trainer Live, you feel like part of the family and feed of everyone else’s energy. These classes are fun, exciting and very challenging. Before meeting Mike, confidence in myself was very low. Because of the transformation he facilitated, I am proud to say I love my new active and healthy lifestyle, and couldn’t imagine going back to my old, unhealthy habits.

  • Natasha Premji, Toronto, ON.

“I would truly recommend Michael Whiteley to anyone who needs a hand from losing weight”

“I would truly recommend Michael Whiteley to anyone who needs a hand from losing weight” In early 2000, a combination of work related stress, poor eating, anxiety and lack of exercise were taking a heavy toll on my heart and body. A mix of tachycardia- with an irregular heartbeat had me in and out of the local emergency room at all hours. Soon a senior cardiologist, beta blockers, stress tests, and tranquilizers were prescribed. I was not yet even thirty, but I was feeling more like I had one foot in the grave. Many sleepless nights followed alongside my racing heart. The countless medications made focusing at work hard. I was always tired. My relationship suffered greatly over the next couple of years. I felt sick, and was sick both inside and out. My family and friends were very worried about me. Then a close friend of my wife recommended that I try her personal trainer. She had lost some weight, and was eating better, and feeling really great inside. I set up a free initial session with Michael Whiteley. He was friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. Best of all, Michael was ready to fix what was wrong both inside me and out. A weekly routine of heart strengthening exercises, careful body conditioning, proper diet, vitamins, and health supplements had me feeling great. I was sleeping soundly again for the first time in several years. I really looked forward to our Wednesday sessions. Within a few months, I was completely off my beta blockers. My heart was calm, and under control. My bottle of tranquilizers was left in my dresser drawer and I took my cardiologist off speed dial. I have maintained my Health, and heart with carefully planned exercise routines developed by Michael Whiteley that have faithfully served me for years now. I would truly recommend Michael Whiteley to anyone who needs a hand from losing weight to just feeling better inside and out. Michael really cared, and helped me care for myself again. Thank you so much Michael.

  • Michael Baker, June 2010

“I lost a lot of fat at first and got leaner. Now, I am slowly bulking up.”

The location is convenient because it is close to home. It has everything I need. I am making progress. I lost a lot of fat at first and got leaner. Now, I am slowly bulking up. Mike knows what he’s doing and he’s helping me work out with a balanced program to balance my body.

  • Mike H

“It’s quiet, not like regular gyms where I feel so uneasy.”

It’s quiet, not like regular gyms where I feel so uneasy. I feel more relaxed here. Mike pushes you. Even if you want to give up, he still pushes you to go forward.

  • Tarah

““PTL Fitness has a friendly, inviting atmosphere.”

PTL Fitness has a friendly, inviting atmosphere. I like that there are no confusing machines.

I’ve noticed that my body is tighter. I am able to do more, and be more active.

Mike knows your limits, and helps you go beyond them. He takes away self-doubt you have about your abilities, and he loves what he does. And he puts up with all of us complaining!

  • Faye

“it’s very personal, and I feel at home”

I like PTL because it’s very personal, and I feel at home.

Mike is really involved and understands my strengths and weaknesses.
I’ve lost weight, I’m tighter all over my body, I feel better, I’m in a better mood, I can fit into clothes I haven’t been able to, I have more energy, and my confidence has gone up.

  • Diana T

“I can see the progress. I can feel the difference in my body”

It’s a friendly atmosphere, very people-oriented. When I train, I am always building on the day before, so I can see the progress. I can feel the difference in my body: more energy, increased strength and endurance. I’m getting better every day I work at it and things that were challenging before are much less challenging now! The training style is more geared toward each person (personalized). We don’t use machines very much if at all.

Mike has a great personality. He really tries to push you in the direction you want to go. Apart from being a good trainer, he is a good friend.

  • Nadia S