Emergency Fitness Training



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The Heat of Summer is moving in faster than ever this year and layers are coming off earlier than anticipated.

Which leads us to a huge problem, too many of us have packed on an extra 15 – 20lbs of unwanted winter weight.

Recognizing that, we have jumped into action and have pulled the lever to activate the Emergency Fitness Program (EFP).

Like past years The Emergency Fitness Program has helped people become the best versions of themselves. It’s allowed people to took their best while enjoying summer activities:

• Beaches
• Trails
• Pools

Now it’s your Time to get into your best summer Body!

It’s super easy for you to start, just register below and commit to getting that tighter firmer body in just 4-6 weeks.

In the Program you will Get our-

• T5 Training
• Advanced F9 Nutrition program
• M7 Mindset Training

It’s Now 50% off for the First month so don’t wait!

“Mike Whiteley is one of Toronto Ontario’s top elite personal trainers”
Gaston John-Baptiste
“My personal trainer for over 6 years
Kemba, Toronto, ON
“Extremely happy with the phenomenal results that have been achieved”
Jason and Marcia Dorsey
“Few weeks of being on the program I noticed the inches melting away”
Fran Drago

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