Start our T5 Training & F9 Nutrition System!

Pro Trainer Live, Toronto's premier performance gym + online personal training company!

Transform your body, strip away your unwanted body fat and accelerate your performance!

When you get the correct information, motivation and direction - magic happens!

We've used our T5 Training and F9 Nutrition systen to transform over 40,000 people of all fitness levels in the last 20 years.

Elite Athletic Coaching
Personal Training
Online Personal Training
"Mike Whiteley is one of Toronto Ontario's top elite personal trainers"
Gaston John-Baptiste
"My personal trainer for over 6 years
Kemba, Toronto, ON

"Extremely happy with the phenomenal results that have been achieved"
Jason and Marcia Dorsey
"Few weeks of being on the program I noticed the inches melting away"
Fran Drago

We are passionate about our client's success!

Our 4 training styles
Personal Training

1 on 1 Training Focused on High Performance and Accelrated results.

Semi-Private Training

Small Group Personal Training delivers all the benefits of personal training with more flexibility.

Bootcamp Training

HIIT Circuit training that is made to drive Fitness and Conditioning with rapid weight loss.

Online Training

Online Coaching gives you a customized Training (T5) and Nutrition (F9) Program. Along with your team's daily guidnace pushing you to your goals.

Build a great body - Burn unwanted weight - Elevate your performance!
We train your mindset and habits to guide you to success!
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