Maximus Boxing


Here at Pro Trainer Live we are excited to have Maximus Boxing as one of our fitness programs! Our coach Max is passionate to pass his boxing knowledge on to our trainees. Using his unique and effective boxing techniques he will bring you to your personal goals, no matter your current skill level. Maximum Boxing promises to make you fitter, stronger and more confident!

Join us, and Box your way to great fitness!

Personalized Training Plan

Initial assessment will be done from the first training that will allow for the creation of a personalized training program custom-made to your fitness goals.

Professional Coach

Not just fitness training, but professional boxing with decades of experience and knowledge.

Boxing IQ

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is necessary for a solid training and strength program. Specific strength and boxing techniques will help you become more attentive, focused and a smarter athlete in general, which I can help you with!

Unique Techniques

Our amazing coach Max will be using Eastern-European boxing methods.

All Skill Levels

All skill levels are welcome. Beginner to professional boxers and athletes.

Field Visits

Strength training and boxing sessions are provided at your desired location within North York, Markham, Scarborough, and Richmond Hill.


We are happy to bring Max on as one of our coaches at Pro Trainer Live Personal to teach Boxing classes.

Max is an amateur boxer who has had over 200 matches and as a professional athlete, Max is extremely well-versed and knowledgeable in boxing and strength training. Max believes that talent and achievement come from the heart, good footwork, physical intellect (body awareness), and rhythm in the soul.

Personal Boxing


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Youth Boxing


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