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  • February 9, 2015
click to fitIn the information age there is more information on how to be fit and healthy, but there is more unfit people than ever. Why do we have such a large problem then with obesity and health problems when all the information needed to resolve them are right at our finger tips? It’s the fact that most people are lazy by nature. Also the right options are not as easily accessible. So the next question is how do we get to the end goal of being fit and healthy with the least amount of effort seeing most people naturally don’t want to do the work to get there.
Here are the tips 
1. Pre plan your 5 small meals the night before
2. Decide that you will not buy unhealthy food for your house
3. Hang around people who have healthy eating habits as well as positive thinking
4. Buy a 2liter bottle water that you fill once in the morning with filtered or spring water and finish it each day
5. As soon as you get out of bed do a 10min mini exercise routine before you do you morning shower(eg. Squat, crunch, push up, back extensions)
6. Juice or use a super food like spirulina along with a omega 3 oil supplement.
7. Stick to you sleep schedule and get your 6-8 hours of sleep.
This is the magic recipe to getting you on your way to. being fit and healthy. Keep your self around the right food options and stick to a general schedule of eating and sleeping and you can look and feel they way you have always dreamed! For more examples of living and looking your best contact me at
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