Mental Achievment

  • By: admin
  • April 29, 2015

Long day Workouts

Why do some people achieve their goals and others don’t?

The reason many people are unable to achieve their goals is because they have the wrong mind set. Mind set is everything when you’re looking to achieve personal goals of any kind weather they are work or fitness related. A lot of the time individuals are looking for special diets, exercise routines or magic pills that will allow them to get to their desired goals. The only way people are able to develop and achieve their goals is really through mental training. The bottom line is that everything we do is mental. If you’re not capable of focusing your thoughts into creating habits which will lead you on the path to success, it will be very difficult for you to obtain and maintain any long lasting results once you achieve your goals. Here are the steps that will get you to your goals:‎
Step 1- to success is to create an outline of all the habits that you currently have which hinder you from achieving your goal
Step 2- is to write down the opposite behavior to your current bad habits
Step 3- is to focus your thoughts and visualize yourself performing the tasks that will allow you to achieve your personal goals.
Step 4- is to stay positive and remove any doubts that you won’t achieve your goal. Completely focus your thoughts and keep a positive mind set that you will achieve your goal.
Working with people over the years I have helped many people achieve their goals by helping them realize that proper training and nutrition start in their head. There is no magic to health and fitness. It’s only practicing proper thinking and attitude towards positive habits and behavior and really identifying your bad habits as habits you wouldn’t want to be a part of who you are. So remember that in order to be a healthier person on the inside and have a better appearance, you really need to focus on changing how you think. Without proper mental focus it is impossible to achieve any personal goal. Keep positive and identify those habits and thoughts that will take you to where you want to be and you will achieve personal success.‎

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