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  • January 12, 2023



1. Fees are non-refundable. Sessions are non-transferable.

2. Should a participant cancel their training agreement for whatever reason before the agreed end date, all used training sessions will be prorated at the regular daily rate per training session.

3. The monthly training fee will be withdrawn on the 7th of each month.
A NSF fee of $25 will be applied to declined payments.

4. All sessions must be completed within 14 months from the initial date of purchase or the sessions will be forfeited and are non-transferrable.

5. For 6-month to 12-month packages: If you cannot come in for certain month, you will still be charged for that month. However, you will have an extra month at the end of your training duration (i.e., you sign up for the 12-month package starting in January to December. You’re not able to come in June. You will still be charged the monthly amount in June; however, your training duration will be extended till the end of January).

6. Missed appointments without a minimum of 24 hours’ notice will be charged as a full session.

7. During sessions, every trainee must be respectful and mindful of others (i.e., refusing instructions will not be tolerated).

8. Semi-private and personal training sessions need to be booked a minimum of 8 hours before a session.

9. 6 month and 12 month packages will be billed for the first and last month on your initial billing

10. The price/monthly package selected below will be billed monthly in consecutive until the end of the agreed length of time selected below.


Please select Training Type, Monthly Sessions and Commitment Level


  • One-on-one
  • Athletic coaching
  • Get in shape the fastest


  • Small group
  • Cardio based
  • Lose weight


  • Small group
  • Shape your body the way you want
  • Build strength faster
  • Lose weight faster


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