few weeks of being on the program I noticed the inches melting away

  • By: protrain_admin
  • April 26, 2016

My name is Fran Drago. When I first met Mike I was 134 lbs and had a body fat of 29%. By the time Mike was finished whipping me into shape I was 123 lbs with a body fat of 16%. I also had muscle definition and abs which I never had before. I am in better shape today at the age of 43 than I ever was in my twenties. What I liked about Mike’s program was that it was geared specifically for me. Mike did an analysis of my eating habits and adjusted my diet accordingly. He substituted some products and added vitamins and nutritional supplements to help me achieve my goal. Mike also designed a work out program which I did three times a week at home and once a week with him. What I liked about his exercise program was that I didn’t need to use heavy equipment. The program was designed to use my own body weight to exercise. Mike would call me at least once a week to ask how I felt and always had words of encouragement for me. He truly cared about my progress and success. I noticed the transformation immediately. Within a few weeks of being on the program I noticed the inches melting away, especially around my hips and waist. Within a few months the muscle definition was really noticeable around my arms, abs and back. I was extremely happy with Mike and my progress. He pushed me hard at every work out. His extensive knowledge and commitment to nutrition and health and work ethics was very impressive. Mike was always educating and sharing his knowledge and was always available to answer any question you had on health or products. Thank you Mike

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