I would truly recommend Michael Whiteley to anyone who needs a hand from losing weight

  • By: protrain_admin
  • April 26, 2016

“I would truly recommend Michael Whiteley to anyone who needs a hand from losing weight” In early 2000, a combination of work related stress, poor eating, anxiety and lack of exercise were taking a heavy toll on my heart and body. A mix of tachycardia- with an irregular heartbeat had me in and out of the local emergency room at all hours. Soon a senior cardiologist, beta blockers, stress tests, and tranquilizers were prescribed. I was not yet even thirty, but I was feeling more like I had one foot in the grave. Many sleepless nights followed alongside my racing heart. The countless medications made focusing at work hard. I was always tired. My relationship suffered greatly over the next couple of years. I felt sick, and was sick both inside and out. My family and friends were very worried about me. Then a close friend of my wife recommended that I try her personal trainer. She had lost some weight, and was eating better, and feeling really great inside. I set up a free initial session with Michael Whiteley. He was friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. Best of all, Michael was ready to fix what was wrong both inside me and out. A weekly routine of heart strengthening exercises, careful body conditioning, proper diet, vitamins, and health supplements had me feeling great. I was sleeping soundly again for the first time in several years. I really looked forward to our Wednesday sessions. Within a few months, I was completely off my beta blockers. My heart was calm, and under control. My bottle of tranquilizers was left in my dresser drawer and I took my cardiologist off speed dial. I have maintained my Health, and heart with carefully planned exercise routines developed by Michael Whiteley that have faithfully served me for years now. I would truly recommend Michael Whiteley to anyone who needs a hand from losing weight to just feeling better inside and out. Michael really cared, and helped me care for myself again. Thank you so much Michael.

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