4 Unusual Workout Routines

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  • July 14, 2014

Unusual Workouts

Coming up with new workout routines requires creativity. Sometimes a workout routine is created that makes you wonder how you never thought of it yourself. And sometimes the routine is so strange you wonder how anybody could even imagine it. Sometimes they’re cool, sometimes they’re crazy, but these 5 workouts borderline unusual to say the least but hilarious none the less.

1. Karaoke Workout

While some people require a few strong drinks before hopping up on the stage to sing their favourite songs, they’ll need to refrain from the alcohol before working out. Some people are now going to cycling classes in order to exercise their bodies as well as their vocal cords, and they’re doing this only after having water or power drinks – nothing strong. These classes use an exercise bike with a tv screen attached that features karaoke lyrics.

Often, spinning and step aerobics trainers use upbeat music as a way to keep people going. So a cardio workout with karaoke combined isn’t the strangest thing. To maintain focus on the workout rather than becoming the best gym class singer, instructors often limit audience participation to some songs. When songs are closed to the students, instructors will fill in.

And you get other styles of classes to choose from. You can find classes for pop music, gospel, or even Broadway musical styles, and more music genres are on their way.

2. High Heel Workouts

High heels may be fashionable but they have led to many problems, including bunions, ankle sprains, joint pain, and hammertoes. Yet, women will continue to wear them because, as said, they’re fashionable. So what if you could look fashionable while working out?

Podiatrists and professional dancers have sometimes led these high heel workout classes. These classes have women performing lunges and squats in order to make their lower body stronger. That’s before they put on their high heels, thankfully. Once they put on the heels, the center of gravity moves forward. So these classes teach women to fix their posture in order to avoid damaging their feet and lower back. Plus, when a person stands up straight, they appear thinner. These routines strengthen a woman’s lower leg as well as foot muscles, reducing the pain and strain one may feel after a day in heels.

3. Punk Rock Workout

More often than not, a training studio is going to play pop music. You’re not likely going to hear the Ramones (RIP Tommy Ramone, 01-29-1952 to 07-11-2014) or The Clash – unless you enjoy punk aerobics.

These workouts skip the gym and take the students to the clubs, the same clubs that bands play at. The smells of beer and tobacco are included. This is not a workout for any self-claimed diva or fashionista. You’re more likely to see patched up army jackets and torn fishnets with large safety pins.

Although these students may not like to comply and conform into the pop society, they still want to work out. Vigorous aerobics combined with punk rock’s greatest hits has been known to include some moshing and lifting weights using spray painted bricks. If this isn’t enough for the punk in you, you may find punk rock yoga or punk rope, which is jumping rope as well as aerobic conditioning with the same punk vibe.

4. Dog Workout

Most dogs chase their chew toys, their own tails, or go for walks with the owner or a dog walker to get their exercise. Some dogs get a bit more cardio with treadmills built for dogs, or some are sent to doggy bootcamp (Pawcamp?). If your dog does not comply to a trainer’s command, you may find yourself getting a workout as a sort of punishment.

If you and your dog don’t enjoy bootcamp, maybe doga (yep, that’s yoga for dogs) is more suitable. Both you and your pooch work together. Some positions are set for dogs to help the owners get a good stretch, while others have the owner holding their dog’s limbs in order to support the dog in various positions. Dogs get a massage during the classes that are supposed to make their digestion better. The owner gets to feel good about de-stressing their pet, and themselves.

It is true there are any number of ways to stay healthy and keep fit, even if they seem unusual in many ways.

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