5 Exercises That Are More Fun Than Regular Crunches

  • By: admin
  • May 29, 2014
Core Training

Core Training

The average person sits for 56 hours a week. This makes daily activities tough as it weakens the body’s core. Maintaining strong abs will boost agility, look great, and help prevent sore back pains.

Remember, the quality of your reps is better than the quantity. Don’t rush, take a little bit of time for the most effective results. Here are 5 different exercises you can do that are more fun than boring old crunches.

The Spider-man Plank Crunch

Beginning in the regular planking position, keep your forearms on the ground as your body lays perfectly straight. Lift your right knee off the training mat and bring it towards your elbow, as if to crawl like Spider-man, and then return it to your planking position. Repeat this with your left knee, bringing it towards your left elbow. This completes 1 rep. Set yourself a goal and alternate your sides to achieve it.

The Cable Rotation

With both hands sticking out in front of you placed in a position just under your shoulder’s height, stand and hold a cable. Rotate your upper body to face the left as you keep your arms straight and fixed and keeping your abs engaged. Turn back to the center and then rotate again to the right, and then back to the center again. This completes 1 rep. Set yourself a goal and alternate your sides to achieve it.

The Bicycle Crunch

Lying on your back, place each hand behind your head, and raise your legs, bending them at 90 degree angles. Bring your right elbow forward towards your left knee and then your left elbow to your right knee, and repeat for about 60 seconds. Slow down by holding each crunch for 2 to 3 seconds each side. This completes 1 rep. Set yourself a goal and alternate your sides to achieve it.

The Cross Crunch

Lying on your back, place your arms and legs out to form an “X” with your body. Without bending your arms or legs, lift your right hand up towards your left foot. Lower your arm and leg and repeat, lifting your left hand to your right foot. Each time should lift your head, your neck and your shoulders off the training mat. This completes 1 rep. Set yourself a goal and alternate your sides to achieve it.

The Swiss-Ball Rollout

Place your hands onto a Swiss stabilizing ball and kneel on your training mat. Keep your abs engaged and your back straightened as you roll the Swiss ball away from you as far as possible, and then roll it back to where it began. This completes 1 rep. Set yourself a goal to achieve.

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