5 Tips For Keeping Positive

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  • September 11, 2014

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We know from the post yesterday that it’s important to stay positive about your diet or your workout. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. So here are a few tips that should help keep you positive.

1. If You Think It, You’ll Become It

Before you can achieve your dream, you must first have a dream. Imagine how you want to look and how happy you’ll be. Think of how good it’ll be to keep fit. This will help you push yourself to reach the goals you’ve set up for yourself. And if you can’t picture yourself looking great with an ideal body, post a magazine picture in your training locker or at home and remember that’s how your body will appear.

2. Keep Supportive Friends Close

Make friends with other trainers who are dedicated to keeping themselves fit. Connect online with people on supportive forums. Ask family and your friends for support and to encourage you to keep going. Giving others support will gain you support, and you may need it when you’re feeling down.

3. Expose Yourself To Positivity

You may be positive naturally, which is great. But some of us are not. For those who can’t stay positive, read positive articles and books. Look up inspiring quotes. Soon you will become more positive. You’ll change the way you see things and nothing will stand in your way any longer.

4. Recognize The Time To Make Changes Within

If you feel yourself wanting to give up, you may be burnt out. Sometimes this happens because you need to change up your routine. Reward yourself with a rare meal or take an extra day off from working out. This may re-energize you and rewards are great for motivating you to keep your routine going.

5. Track Your Progress

Keeping positive when results aren’t showing is difficult. Track the progress of your routine, and pay attention to the accomplishments. Progress is made simply by doing something like squeezing in an extra workout here and there. Keeping track of your routine will let you know what went wrong when progress didn’t show, and it’ll let you see the positive results made as well. Any setbacks should be learned from.

No one has successful results every single time, that’s why you need to stay positive and don’t give up! Keep positive and stay motivated!

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