5 Tips To Keep Cool During Summer Workouts

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  • July 7, 2014

Keep Cool

You’ve likely been working out on a regular basis throughout the year, but summer has arrived. And it’s been a hot one. We know it can get dangerous to overheat and working out could feel worse. But this is not the time for a summer break off of exercising. You would only harm yourself in the long run.

If you stop exercising for a few months, all the effects of your previous training will be lost. Studies have shown that key benefits disappear in about 4 to 6 weeks of sudden inactivity.

Outsmart The Heat

Heat strokes, heat stress, and other heat related problems are just barricades; A challenge that you can overcome with ease with just 5 steps.

1. Keep yourself hydrated. Keep track of your salt-water balance and drink lots of fluids. Water is the preferred drink, of course. Make sure to drink before, during, as well as after your exercising. Try to stay away from alcohol or caffeine in your beverages.

2. Exercise smart, not hard. Try to work out in the morning or evening – whenever it’s cooler than when the sun is at its heat peak. Do not work out as hard or as long as you would regularly if you’re working out in higher temperature or if it is humid. Of course it may also be best to just exercise inside, somewhere with an A/C, like your trainer studio.

3. Ease into the summer heat. Your body must adapt somewhat to the heat and you can achieve this by gradually exposing yourself to the heat daily. It only takes from about 4 to 14 days for the acclimatization of your body to occur. That’s your body’s circulatory and the cooling efficiency.

4. Dress light. Wear shorts and a tank top or light shirt when you’re working out. Breathable fabrics are preferred this time of year. You want your sweat to evaporate, because it’s the evaporation which cools you off – not the sweat itself.

5. Find a teammate. They may not stand over you with a fan, but they’ll be there to make sure you don’t overheat yourself. And they may add some fun, as well!

Things To Know

Since vigorous exercising under hot and-or humid conditions may lead to problems such as heat stroke or heat stress, you need to be able to keep an eye open for any symptoms.

Heat Exhaustion Symptoms:

· Headaches

· Sweating profusely

· Cold, clammy skin, chills

· Feeling faint, dizziness

· Weak or fast pulse

· Cramps in your muscles

· Quick, shallow breathing

· Nausea and-or vomiting

Heat Stroke Symptoms:

· Warm and dry skin, lack of sweat

· Strong, fast pulse

· Confusion, unconsciousness

· High fever

· Pounding headaches

· Nausea and-or vomiting

Make sure you keep cool and if you have any of the above symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. Remember, it’s important to continue exercising. But it’s more important to stay healthy.

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