6 Exercises That Won’t Feel Like Exercise

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  • July 3, 2014
Car wash

Car wash

A recent study published in the magazine, International Journal of Obesity, suggests Americans spend too much time speaking about how both the bad foods and our lazy ways are causing us to become obese. The study says there may be other causes to our obesity. Some alternate theories are: we don’t get enough sleep, the air pollution disrupts our metabolism, we have adapted to the air conditioning – which suggests we no longer need to keep our internal temperature in check by raising our metabolic rate (burning more calories). Exercising and eating right still manage our weight well. Don’t like exercising much? Not a problem! Here’s a few ways that you can stay active without realizing it.

1. Wash the car.

Grab a hose and get out in the summertime heat! Washing the car on a hot day will help you burn calories while you’re washing, drying, and getting it (and yourself) buff in the process! And everyone always likes a clean car to be proud of.

2. Do yard work.

Stop hiring the neighborhood kids who mow lawns and do it yourself! While you’re out there, why not pull the weeds in your vegetable garden? And throw some more mulch around the flower garden before you go in. Maybe the kids can sell you lemonade instead of going out of business…

3. Bring back the water cooler

Everyone requires a periodic break when working. Rather than emailing funny jokes or pictures to your friends at the office, go get some water at the cooler and meet up with them. Just make sure the jokes are safe for work.

4. Start your home-improving project.

Building cabinets, painting, shelving – that’s exercise, though maybe vigorously or moderately. Don’t forget the amount of walking you will be doing as you work on your home or even when you’re getting the materials you’ll need. That all counts as exercise!

5. Puppy sit.

Or dog sit, but a puppy is preferable. Puppies require a lot of attention so unless you don’t really care about your shoes or carpets, you won’t be sitting for long periods. If you know someone who has a dog, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they’d like someone to dog sit for the summer. You can get from a week to a season’s worth of exercising. And they may reward you for taking care of their pet. Win, win.

6. Eating al fresco.

The most fun you’ll have exercising in the summer! Plan a picnic. The best one for exercising would need an ice-filled cooler that you’ll have to carry across a field. Don’t forget to take a ball or Frisbee so you can have some fun (and exercise) after you are done eating. There are a plethora of healthy diet recipes to be found online. Or simply join our F9 Nutrition membership to get precise foods, supplement and meal timing information which will help re shape your entire body!

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