Boost Your Batteries | Tips to Battle Fatigue

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  • January 2, 2014
Battle Fatigue

Battle Fatigue

Ever feel tired, lethargic and just down right Blah!!! Well we all get that feeling once in a while, it’s called fatigue. Your body feels tired, your mind is exhausted and it feels like your energy levels have hit rock bottom. It can happen to the best of us if we don’t take the proper precautions from the beginning to avoid getting consumed by the fatigue monster. There are a few things you can do to boost your batteries and get back to feeling like normal:

1. Eat well. The most important factor in preventing fatigue in the first place is having good nutritious meals. Without that your body will inevitably be beaten down because it will not have the calories and macro nutrients to fight against fatigue. Get plenty of high-protein foods, as well as fruits for a natural high. Caffeine may be a temporary solution to boosting your nervous system but there is always the crash after it wears off. So if you can avoid too much caffeine and keep your blood sugar and energy levels up by using natural sources of energy. Some great supplements to add to your nutritional mix are high potency vitamin B complex at 50 mg, to help digest your carbs well and boost energy throughout the day. Cayenne pepper is also said to have energy stimulating effects and a fat burning effect when consumed as a natural health supplement.

2. Sleep and Rest. The next major factor in avoiding fatigue is something that we all should do anyway. Sleep enough and give your body a rest when it requires it. If you are not getting enough deep sleep each night then make sure to get to bed earlier. If you are working out with ferocious intensity make sure to take a day to let your body recover completely. Sleep and rest is just as important as eating well. Believe it or not your body makes its improvements and changes while you sleep, not while you are awake. So get enough rest and your body will thank you for it while you are awake.

3. Exercise for overall good health. If you are not exercising then you are not building up resistance to fatigue. Exercise to increase your energy levels and build your body’s ability to combat fatigue. Exercise also helps with a strong heart and blood flow throughout the body. This means a better metabolism and a better use of that excellent diet you are going to consume.

Finally in order to fight fatigue it is important to have a positive mental attitude. Remember that everything is controlled in your mind, and therefore with a positive mental attitude you can not only beat fatigue but also prevent it from ever getting to you. Contrary to the popular saying, “You are what you eat”, we like to say “You are what you think!”

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