Don’t have a Chemical Body!

  • By: admin
  • May 8, 2013

Do you know what you put in your mouth? Massage into your skin? Brush your teeth with? If you don’t, let’s examine what you are doing to your body without your knowledge. There are a lot of things in products that are available to us that are harmful to our health. We need to make informed decisions about what products we purchase for our personal body care, without really putting much focus on the best value or lowest cost products. Typically products that have lower costs are produced through coal-based or petroleum-based means (yes ladies, your regular lipstick is made with gasoline) – or completely chemically derived by other processes and is completely foreign to our body. For example, were you aware that all your favourite toothpaste brands from your large retailers, contains formaldehyde? (Yes, the ingredient they put into dead people!). Formaldehyde is also known as a carcinogen, and yes, dead people do not get cancer… that is why they use it on dead people. So why would someone who is living do what dead people do!

Another product typically used is aluminum-based deodorants, which do a fantastic job eliminating odour. The only problem is that aluminum can help increase the progression of Alzheimer’s and is not good for nerve health. What is a healthy alternative? There are many natural health products out there. The ones I recommend are deoderants containing silver as the anti-microbial agent – which will keep even the biggest burly guy smelling fresh!

Other typical products people use on their skin are of course, make-up and lotions. Almost all the products are petroleum based and will plug your pores, prevent your skin from breathing, furthermore inhibiting your body from eliminating internal waste. FYI, our pores are used to eliminate waste through our skin – we do not want to bottle our internal waste with these harmful products!

The thing I teach my trainees is that you always want to use products that are natural, that will work with your body and allow your body to function optimally. I’d love to share some of the products that I recommend. For this information please contact me at: or you can call me at 416-890-4968.

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