Exercise While Staying Entertained

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  • June 16, 2014

Whether the tv has you glued to watching Hockey, or Baseball, or any sport, you can still avoid being stuck on the couch and exercise while being entertained. Get off your butt and let the athletes inspire you to do some fast and simple exercises, like the ones below!

Couch Tricep Dips

Couch tricep dips

On-The-Couch Triceps Dips:
Take a seat at the edge of a couch or a long table and set your hands down to the edge, pointing your fingertips away from your body. Next, step out your feet as if you’re walking in order to raise your pelvis up into the air. Bend your elbows slowly backwards in order to lower your hips down to the ‘floor’, then straighten your arms out slowly. Two sets of 15 of these should do.

Couch Side Crunches

Couch side crunches

Side-Of-The-Couch Crunches:
In order to work on your obliques, lay on your left side on the couch, or a floor mat (a firm surface). Place your right hand back behind your head then point your elbow towards the ceiling. Feel free to put your left arm up across the waist, if you’d like. Condense the side oblique muscles as you lift your shoulder up off the couch in order to attempt bringing your ribs to your hip. Hold onto this position for a bit and then slowly lower yourself. Do this 10 times before switching sides.

Scissor abs

Scissor abs

On-The-Floor Scissor Abs:
Lie down on your floor with your hands cradling your head and, using your abs, press your lower back against the floor. Raise your legs up in the air. Gradually lower one leg down just before it reaches the floor and then raise it again slowly back up to your other leg. Switch legs and repeat. Once you’ve done 10 repetitions per leg, do both legs at the same time. You should feel the burn in your abs doing this. Don’t let your lower back lift off the floor or else you are lowering a leg too much.



In order to work on your abs and butt, get down on your hands and feet on the floor and try this. Lift one knee up reaching for your chin as much as you can (curling your neck down towards your knee), and then gradually straighten your leg back out without letting your stomach touch the ground. Stay in this extended position for a couple seconds in order to work out your glutes. Repeat this repetition twice, 20 times in a row per leg. Once you’re done, sit on your heels to rest your body for a couple minutes. In yoga, this is called the Child’s Pose.

Now you can get back to watching your favorite team feeling good about yourself!

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