Finding Your Ideal Weight-To-Strength Ratio

  • By: admin
  • May 26, 2014
Weight Strength Ratio

Weight Strength Ratio

Coaches, athletes, and trainers all use testing and assessment to come up with training programs in order to achieve optimal levels of performance. How much weight you may be able to lift in an exercise relative to your own body weight is considered the baseline measurement that you may use to set your strengthening goals while gauging your progress.

Divide Force By Weight

The ratio of your strength-to-mass (S-T-M) will represent the maximal force you’ll be able to exert during a certain exercise divided by your own body weight. The ratio will reflect your lift ability and body acceleration. For sports that require complete body movement, like sprinting and jumping, are benefited by a high ratio. A change in your weight or an increase in strength may change the S-T-M ratio. So if a person puts on more muscle weight due to training, their S-T-M ratio might decrease if their strength doesn’t increase in proportion.

Ratio Measuring

Figuring out the S-T-M ratio may be helpful determining the body mass that you perform at your peak capacity. In order to figure out the S-T-M ratio, you will first need to determine your strength by finding the greatest amount of weight that you can lift once, only one repetition maximum (1RM). Divide your 1RM by the amount your body weighs. For instance, if you were to weigh 150 lbs and could press 200 lbs on a leg press, your S-T-M ratio would be 1.33. If you gain 5 lbs but can’t press more, your S-T-M ratio would drop to 1.29, which would mean you perform better when you weigh less.

Squat Tests Or Leg Press Tests

A squat test is one of the most suitable tests for predicting your jumping and sprinting abilities. A good 1RM score from a squat test are about double the body weight in males, and 1.5 times the body weight in females. Although, trainers rely on leg presses to figure out your ability of accelerating and maintaining high speeds. For both men and women, the ideal ratio is your body weight times 2.5.

The Barbell Benching Test

Using a barbell bench press test measures the upper body’s strength. To score a good 1RM, males should have a ratio of 1.25:1, lifting 1.25 times their body weight, while women should score 0.8:1, 0.8 times their body weight. Since some sports do not require developing major upper body strength, this evaluation may be irrelevant.

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