How Does Resistance Training Prevent Osteoporosis

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  • October 18, 2013

Exercise especially with resistance training is essential for maintenance of healthy bones. So How does resistance training prevent osteoporosis? If you exercised regularly as a child or teenager you helped increase your bone density. Most of this bone production occurs by the age of 35 on average. By continuing to exercise beyond that point into your old age you can help prevent the risk of osteoporosis. If you already have osteoporosis, don’t worry, it’s never too late to start a healthy exercise program that can prevent further bone loss and improve your quality of life.

There are several factors that cause osteoporosis. In this disease bones become more fragile by way of density loss, usually caused by aging but can have other causes as well, such as menopause, lack of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. A regular and well designed resistance training program such as the one here on PTL Fitness can actually help increase bone density and reverse the rapidly deteriorating bones that often result in major cases of osteoporosis. Regular exercise strengthens bones, tendons and muscles, improving balance and coordination, which is very important for older adults and people who already have osteoporosis. A stronger more resilient frame can prevent undue accidents and falls tremendously.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends weight bearing exercise and muscle strengthening exercises such as weight lifting exercises that force you to work against gravity in a standing, sitting or still position. Low to no impact activities such as balance, functional, and core strengthening exercises will also benefit those with osteoporosis. Studies show that a regular exercise program tailor made for your age and activity level can significantly improve quality of life for those with osteoporosis.

Along with a well tailored exercise program a proper diet rich in calcium and vitamin D would really help those with osteoporosis live a better discomfort free life. Movement alone causes the blood to flow, in turn improving circulation, cardiovascular ability and flexibility. Adding a strength component can significantly reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis. Many bone and tendon degenerative diseases are caused by lack of use. Movement is essential for the body to pump blood and flush it through the body.

How Does Resistance Training Prevent Osteoporosis

How Does Resistance Training Prevent Osteoporosis

Getting on a regular exercise program can give you both physical and mental benefits. Those that suffer from osteoporosis feel much better and pain free. As the pain subsides their mental state becomes much better and allows them to continue enjoying the things they used to before.

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