How Music Benefits Your Workout

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  • June 5, 2014
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Supercharge Your Workouts with Music

Training with music is the best way to make the time you spend burning off calories more pleasurable, but beyond providing your ears with something fun to listen to, studies and research have suggested that exercising with music can easily improve your mental acuity while you are training. Music can help you train for a longer time and harder by giving you a rhythm for your workout, taking the focus off the difficulty of the workout.

Change Up The Gym Mix

While you could listen to every album from your favorite band, putting it on repeat until you know it all off by heart can also lower your motivation and determination to keep pushing yourself to lift more or run further. This predictability is easy to avoid by putting several songs on random.

Besides maybe upsetting others around you, there’s no difference if you choose to use a personal mp3 player or a stereo. Choose songs that mix up the tempo and sound different so your workout is less predictable as well as more challenging. A song with a fast tempo hitting your ears unexpectedly will help give you a boost in your training drive. If you want to make it even more random, just choose a radio station.

Grab A Metronome, Perfect Your Workout

A simple, inexpensive metronome can help you put together a structured playlist. Just as performers use them to set their tempos for their songs, a metronome will allow you to put together your playlist in a way that gradually increases the tempo, helping you move faster and work harder.

Additionally, you should end your playlist with songs that slow down the tempo in order to help you slow down for your workout’s cooling down period. Some soothing music may also help you relax your mind with a meditative effect, ending your intense workout well.

Play It Safe

Events like 5K or 10K races restrict people from using music devices. Having music playing while you workout may potentially put you danger with motorists, bicyclists, or other people. Zoning out listening to your music may become dangerous. It’s not too hard to forget about your surroundings, such as sidewalks, stoplights, and street signs, when the songs are more enjoyable. In order to avoid danger when you work out with music, keep the volume at a reasonable level as to not drown out everything. You want to be sure you can hear things like traffic over your music, especially when using headphones. And just as your parents have always told you, playing music too loud may damage your eardrums. So keeping it down to a reasonable level of volume is beneficial.

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