How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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  • December 19, 2013

We need a strategy to consume better before and throughout the holiday season so that we don’t start the brand new year carrying additional weight?

Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday Weight Gain

Welcome to the holiday season, the crazy time of year where over-indulging, partying and eating is the main focus. We all understand it and partake in the festivities. During this time through Halloween to a Brand new Year is actually precarious for health-conscious people and may throw anyone’s health routine out of line.

The most typical reason people lose their resolve, rather than weight, during this festive time is basic stress. When individuals get stressed, they eat more unhealthy foods, exercise much less and sleep much less. These changes can result in a weight gain as high as 10 pounds in only 2 weeks if it is not kept in control. While the stress can cause weight gain, particularly as stomach fat, it can additionally cause feelings associated with guilt, low self-esteem as well as higher risk associated with chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart issues and of course diabetes.

What kind of strategies work best for people? Firstly always have a plan. Plan to do the following:

-Regular workouts or a minimum of 30 minutes associated with walking daily, along with a commitment to do things like park their cars further away from their destinations and make use of stairs where ever possible.
-Meal plans that include breakfast, frequent smaller meals, fruits and vegetables at each dinner and sufficient water throughout the day.
-A great trick is to eat a wholesome snack before going to holiday gatherings.
-Take a light approach to alcohol, caffeine, energy beverages and soda during the holidays.
-Consuming foods that fight stress such as salmon, tuna, chicken, beans as well as legumes, walnuts along with other nuts, flaxseed, essential olive oil, whole grains, oats, asparagus, spinach along with other dark- green vegetables, and berries.
-Relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing and hot baths etc.
-Try and get several hours of sleep each night
-Finally keep the sweets to a minimum.

Here is a suggested healthy meal plan intended to keep you fit and combat stress.

Breakfast every day: oatmeal with fruits, ground flaxseed as well as walnuts, and hot green tea extract.
Snack: cottage cheese or yogurt as well as fruit.
Lunch: lentil as well as whole-grain barley soups with onions, oatmeal, carrots, potatoes as well as tomatoes.
Snack: raw veggies with a light dip.
Supper: grilled salmon as well as asparagus, brown grains and salad along with olive essential oil dressing.
Snack: dark-chocolate.

The best way to prepare for the holidays is by dealing with those bad habits year-round and to build up effective strategies which will allow you to overcome personal problems to unhealthy consuming. The holidays pose a specific subset of problems, but oftentimes we can manage them using the same techniques we use throughout the year. Early planning and preparation for that holidays is useful. For example, if you intend to leave town, make sure that you have a plan mapped out to stay with while away. If you realize that certain family or people trigger overeating, we focus on stress management as well as refusal skills.

Weight gain is not an inevitable outcome of the holidays. However I don’t think that weight loss should be anyone’s goal during this time.
Finally, don’t let yourself get too stressed, or tired or even starve yourself because of the fear of weight gain. After all the holiday season is a short time and come January we get back into the regular swing of things. Enjoy your holidays with family and friends, and most importantly be safe.

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