How To Stay Motivated For A Workout After Working Long Hours

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  • August 19, 2014

Long day Workouts

After working hard all day, the last thing you may want to do is work out. While a morning workout may be beneficial, it’s not always an option. An amateur, novice, or even a pro may have difficulty keeping motivated. These 5 tricks may help you keep that motivation and help you push on through.

1) Take Exercise Clothing To Work
The night before a shift, pack some workout clothes into a gym bag and take it to work with you. Taking your clothing will subconsciously motivate you and you can hit your trainer studio after the work shift. The problem is when you start to relax at home, you’re not likely to get up.

Whether you’re at a studio or at home, don’t even bother trying to sit before working out. Create a habit of arriving, getting changed and getting your exercise in. If you sit, you might talk yourself out of working out.

2) Schedule Your Exercise Time
Consider your workout as a business meeting. Add them to your calendar and prepare yourself mentally in advance. This trick will make the workout a priority. Preferably, you’ll want to work out in a routine on the same days and at the same times but when that won’t work, seeing it marked on a calendar may be quite helpful.

3) Find A Partner Or Join A Class
Having others to workout with can easily motivate you. Being alone may let you talk yourself into taking it easy or cutting it short, but a group will help keep you pushing harder. Ask your trainer about classes they may recommend for you. If you don’t like groups, ask your partner, a co-worker, or a workout buddy to join you.

4) Make A Rule
Set a rule that says no matter what happens, you will be sure to workout at least three times per week for thirty minutes each session. It’s a golden rule to yourself; you won’t try, you will just do this as a minimum. Office workers really need to keep to this, since we are meant to be movers, not sitters.

5) Give Yourself A Reward
Whether it’s renting a movie, purchasing clothes, getting a massage, or indulging in a guilty treat, you should be rewarded for keeping your workout promise. The best way to make this work for you is to not allow yourself this one reward of your choice unless you have kept up on your routine. The honest system plays heavily on this, so no lying to yourself.

Until next time, be healthy, keep fit and stay motivated.

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