Incorporating Exercise into Daily Life

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  • June 26, 2014
Comic by Randy Glasburgen

Comic by Randy Glasburgen

It’s almost common knowledge now that eating too much while not exercising enough may cause strokes, heart disease, diabetes and more. However, even though our society is obsessed with being slim, a lot of people would rather have their teeth pulled instead of heading to their training studio. But good news! Effective exercising may be incorporated into your daily routines easily, meaning those who nearly fear exercise can still stay fit.

Physical activity recommendations have majorly changed over the years, making it easier for everyone to exercise the correct amount mainly because exercises include daily routines such as taking a walk or cleaning. Guidelines that used to dictate getting twenty minutes of intense activity three times a week, became thirty minutes of medium-level activities at least five times a week. Based on these changes, a study was conducted to learn if the new guidelines had maintained or increased physical activity levels.

Any activity will benefit the health of inactive people. It’s recommended that an inactive person slowly work towards exercising three or four times per week for half an hour to a full hour, 50% to 80% of the person’s maximal heart rate.

The study showed that physical activity on average has somewhat increased. Although the study’s still validating the accuracy of the results, it should be mentioned that the increase has been found to be slight. American adults are simply not exercising enough, causing us to keep getting bigger.

Many of us have sedentary jobs, which appears to be the major problem above any other. Lately, we find ourselves sitting at a desk all day. Considering what we often eat is not very healthy, we must overcompensate for our sitting around in order to keep slim and fit.

Nevertheless we’re not overcompensating. Rather, we get home after sitting all day at the office and we continue to sit, in front of our personal computers, our televisions, the dinner table and more.

This doesn’t mean you need to run marathons. Just raising your physical activity levels gradually by 20% per week will bring you to the recommended levels soon, making you healthier rather than leaving you as a statistic.

Here are a few options that will work as well as jogging and jumping jacks:

Refuse to take elevators and escalators. The staircase is like using a Stairmaster without buying one! At first, take the stairs just once as a substitution, and build up your stamina gradually. If there are many floors to travel, cheat and use an elevator or escalator. But use the stairs for two floors, increasing the amount of floors as you can handle them.

Don’t park so close to your destinations. If you park at the end of a parking lot, you can easily get some exercise walking to your building destination. This will decrease stress levels in the process.

Get off the bus or subway a couple of stops before your destination. Walking the rest of the way, again, reduces stress.

You may vacuum more often, mop more often, change sheets, etc. to get your heart going, burning calories on the way!

Cold, snowy days give the chance to shovel, build snowmen or igloos, walk your dog in a heavy load of snow, etc. This activity will boost your fitness levels and warm you up for more intense workouts when you are ready!

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