Is the Muscle Pump Necessary To Build Muscle

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  • April 14, 2014
Muscle Pump

Muscle Pump

Numerous bodybuilding experts each past and present say how the muscle pump is really a necessary process to be able to build muscle bulk. Is this true or simply another marketing trick? Well in short the answer is no, the muscle pump is not a prerequisite to building muscle. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have experienced this concept drilled to their heads now for several years, that the muscle pump through weight training is needed to gain or build more muscle tissue. This statement is actually false and without any evidence to back it up.

Now anyone is capable of a muscle pump but not everyone can promote muscle growth. How many times have you heard a fellow bodybuilder in the gym using this terminology called “muscle pump”. Probably a lot, but does this benefit you in terms of building actual muscle tissue? The muscle pump is merely more blood gorging into your muscle groups and staying there for an extended time period. Now don’t misunderstand me this is often a very satisfying feeling in that a muscle pump will make you look bigger and much more vascular. It will certainly boost your ego, if nothing else. Unfortunately this won’t get you specific muscle growth. All it indicates is you did enough work in order to require more blood flow to that muscle. Anybody can do this, even with 10 lbs on the bar and lift it 300 times and acquire a massive pump. However this is going to do nothing to promote muscular growth, which is what you need. If you perform lower reps in the range of only 5-7 repetitions to failure, you will not only get a great pump but create the necessary environment in your muscle to promote growth.

There are also plenty of supplements available today promoting the actual muscle pump which produces that feeling of being pumped for long periods of time. Now if you want this feeling after a workout be my guest and get the product. Usually these are called Nitric Oxide supplements. However they won’t do much when it comes to actually promoting muscle mass growth. These supplements do work when it comes to feeling and looking pumped and increasing blood circulation and vascularity.

So in brief the muscle pump isn’t necessary to build muscle tissue and promote muscle growth. So don’t allow some muscle head in the gym who thinks he knows everything tell you that the pump will build bigger muscles, as there really isn’t any scientific evidence proving how the muscle pump is required to build muscle bulk. Continue lifting with intensity and follow the principle of progression to keep those muscle increases coming.

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