Major Health Benefits Of Physical Activity

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  • March 3, 2014

There is no need to be very technical on this topic. Of course, physical activity has plenty of health benefits. It is common sense knowledge that a sedentary life can have negative effects on the body. But why do many people fail to have an active lifestyle? The answer: neglect.

According to the Department of Health, regular physical activity can not only improve your health, but can also help you avoid the possibility of premature death. According to DOH, physical activity can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, getting high blood pressure, and getting type 2 diabetes.

Benefits of Physical Activity

Benefits of Physical Activity

General Benefits Of Physical Activity

Generally, the major health benefits of physical activities are it helps you keep a healthy body weight and it strengthens bones, joints and muscles. It lowers your blood cholesterol. It lowers your triglycerides. It increases your good cholesterol or High density lipoprotein (HDL). Physical activities reduce the blood pressure of people who have hypertension. It also lowers the risk of developing cancer, especially colon cancer. It helps older people remain strong and able. Besides the physical benefits, it also provides emotional health by reducing anxiety, depression and stress. Below are deeper explanations of the benefits that physical activities can give:

1. Heart disease, Stroke. Regular physical activities strengthen your heart muscle, increase your HDL, and lower your blood pressure. With these benefits, your blood flow will improve and your heart will function at its optimum level. That helps you avoid Peripheral Vascular Diseases.
2. High Blood Pressure. Physical activities help reduce body fats, which in turn lower your blood pressure.
3. Obesity. You can avoid being overweight or obese through physical activities, because when you engage in physical activity, you build and preserve muscle mass, which helps your body improve its proper calorie use ability.
4. Back Pain. As you increase your muscle strength through regular exercise, you improve your posture, which in turn lets you avoid back pain.
5. Osteoporosis. Regular physical activities promote bone formation, which helps you avoid bone loss due to aging.
6. Psychological benefits. According to research, regular physical activities help improve your mood and your self-esteem.

The Right Way To Stay Active

To get the best health benefits, do 75 to 150 moderate to high intensity aerobic activities every week. You can simply walk around the block for 30-minutes everyday for five days a week. High intensity training includes weight lifting that should hit the legs, back, hips, shoulder, abdomen, and arms. If you have a health condition, make sure you talk to your doctor first before engaging to any physical activities.

You do not have to do heavy lifting, or run marathons to be physically active. You can simply include it in your daily routine. If you don’t know what to do or where to begin, get some professional help through a personal trainer. It will save you time and deliver results much quicker than going at it alone. Do it with your family and friends. Be more active in doing daily activities. Think of physical activities as a reward after working hard for the entire day or week. You should also observe your progress to be motivated. And remember to stay safe.

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