Risks of Under Training

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  • May 19, 2014
Under Training

Under Training

We posted about the risks of over training last Thursday. But under training also has some negative effects as well. It’s important to find your balance. If you notice that you are not making any progress at your training studio, you may not be pushing yourself enough. To be more specific, you may not be working out often enough.

Athletes as well as coaches will quickly point the blame towards sleep patterns, their nutrition, as well as possible over training for the lack of their progress. Although these three factors could surely slow your workout path to strength, speed, and power, often the main reason that you are still struggling is because you just aren’t working out enough.

Working out for three days of the week is not a very successful path towards keeping fit, in spite of what the popular ideal suggests. A program consisting of working out three times a week will work to keep up your weight loss, your muscle size, as well as maybe your strength, but the problem is it won’t enhance your recovery or metabolic abilities, nor build your power outlet above and beyond its set limits.

No matter what you are training for, you want to train your body as hard and as often as possible, without over training yourself. This puts ever-increasing pressures on your body and your mind, which forces adaptation. Under training yourself by staying at home, for example, will cause stagnation or even worse.

To prevent over training, remember the key word in training as hard and as often as possible is the word “possible”. A fear of fatigue, injuries, as well as some conventional wisdom tells us to take a careful approach when we train, causing athletes and trainers to underestimate their limits of possibility. If we constantly train ourselves within the same margins, we are not going to see any progress.

Training as hard as you possibly can could vary each day, depending on your entire load of training, but you must keep your perceived intensity at 100%. This is important to remember. You must push yourself to your own limitations every single time you are in your training studio, but go no further than that. You’re not going for world-record breaking times each day, but this will give you the progress you’re looking for.

Training as often as you possibly can is simpler. Make sure you get yourself out to the training studio five days each week, minimum. The results you’ll receive from being consistent will totally astound you. Even if you neglect pretty much everything else, you will still make progress. The people who manage to show up five times a week are those people whom will make quicker progress. They may not be good training days, they may be horrible training days, but they’re still training days.

So if you ever consider taking time off from your workout schedule, don’t. You’re guaranteed to make progress as long as you hit up your training studio consistently during the week.

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