The Importance of Conditioning for Overall Fitness

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  • March 20, 2014

With the optimum physical condition, any athlete or team can function at their highest possible potential. The success of an athlete or a team can be determined by how well he or she is conditioned.

Generally, conditioning exercise is moving your body in such a way that it increases physical fitness and athletic skill. This decreases the risk of any sports injury. Conditioning exercise programs can be aerobics, weight training, plyo-metrics, and other exercise which involves real-life actions.

Conditioning exercise vary based on individual goals and can be done at any fitness level, from beginners to professional athletes.

In sports, conditioning is about challenging the body so that it can adapt to the exercise’s stress. Athletes will use specific movements that imitate the real moves used in the court or field.

Conditioning For Fitness

Conditioning For Fitness

Main aspects of body-conditioning

There are important body systems that muscle conditioning targets to make sure that it performs at its maximum potential during practice and during the real thing. Here are the main aspects of conditioning:

Muscle conditioning. One of the major aspects of conditioning is its effects on your muscle tissues. Conditioning training usually involves resistance training and other forms of movements. The resistance in this conditioning is focused on the muscles. Through resistance training, there will be microscopic tears that will develop in the tissues. These microscopic tears will improve the muscle tissues and condition the muscle for future exercises.

Heart conditioning. Besides the eternal muscles, the heart muscle should also be conditioned. Your body will require more energy when you regularly exercise. To have more energy, there should be plenty of oxygen in your bloodstream. This oxygen is being transported by the heart for each beat it creates. The heart beat speeds up to provide more oxygen and nutrients to your bloodstream and cells. Just like any muscle, the heart will be stronger as it works harder pumping more oxygen to the bloodstream. As your heart muscle becomes stronger, it does not need to work very hard anymore to transport blood all over your body.

Lung conditioning. Your lungs must also be conditioned to become more efficient. You should inhale and exhale the proper amount of air in your lungs to provide more oxygen in your bloodstream to create more energy. This will give you enough energy to last through your exercise. By doing more conditioning exercise, you will be able to exert more energy in a longer period of time and not run out of breath. Conditioning exercise improves the strength and total health of your lungs.

Applying conditioning exercises

Conditioning exercises for adults includes moderate intense exercise every week, and strength-training exercise for at least two days in one week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Athletes should do conditioning exercises at least six weeks before they start their regular daily practices. Athletes must focus on developing their muscular strength and endurance as well as cardiovascular flexibility and fitness.

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