The Importance Of Drinking Water Before, During And After Exercising

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  • May 1, 2014
Drink Water

Drink Water

Drinking water is very important, especially drinking water after exercising and physical exertion. It cannot be emphasized enough. Exercising causes your body to sweat, losing water. The water lost must be properly replaced in order to maintain best health.

The Science Behind It

Around 75% of a person’s body weight is made up of water. This water is mainly found in your cells, the rest of it can be found in blood vessels as well as the crevices in between the cells. The feeling of dehydration is normal caused by having less water than is needed in the body. Most of the water you lose is through sweat, when exercising.
Sweating is the body’s way off cooling itself off, and you can lose a large amount of water in the process. A quick walk, for example, can cause you to lose a pound of water while the body tries to keep its regular temperature. To replace the water loss, you need to drink water after exercising.
For intense activities, such as sports and exercise activities, you should begin drinking water roughly 2 hours beforehand. This will hydrate you and allow your body to expel unnecessary water. The American College of Sports Medicine suggest you drink water early into your activities, and regularly throughout it. It’s very important to drink water at the rate that you’re losing fluids as you sweat.

The Signs Of Dehydration

It’s important to recognize signs of dehydration during your activities. These signs are an indication that you must take in more water. The easiest sign to recognize is your thirst. Obviously when you are thirsty, your body requires water. A dehydrated body will also try to conserve water by lowering the amount of your urine. In situations of dehydration, you could notice that your urine is a lot more yellow and looks concentrated.
Other symptoms and signs of dehydration when exercising include muscle cramping pains, heart palpitations, and nausea. You may also notice your eyes and mouth become dry and you may even find your body stops sweating. In extreme conditions of dehydration, you might feel confusion and weakness on account of irregular blood circulation through the body and to the brain.

Keeping Yourself Hydrated Before, Throughout and After Exercise

The best approach to protecting yourself against becoming dehydrated is planning ahead. If you’re aware that you’ll be doing strenuous exercising, start drinking water early on (about 2 hours before working out.) to ensure the body has some reserves. This will enable you to get rid of any excess water before your exercise routine. Always keep a water bottle with you as you workout. If your only option is to workout in warmer or hot environments, you should exercise when the day is at its coolest, perhaps after the sun sets. And of course, drink water after you’re done exercising.
Sweating profusely also causes your body to lose potassium and sodium. You will have to make sure you replenish these nutrients. If water is not your favorite, you can also look into sports drinks and find one that may be perfect for you. Otherwise, you can replenish the nutrients after your exercising, during your meals.

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