The Importance of Proper Form While Weight Training

  • By: admin
  • March 13, 2014
Proper Form

Proper Weightlifting Form

Many people think working out or exercising is all about sweating and pushing themselves. Most of them disregard proper form. This is a big mistake, because by performing any exercise using wrong form you can’t get optimum results and you might even injure yourself.

Usually, when you neglect to follow the proper form while exercising, the most common injuries are back injuries. Back problems are serious injuries because it takes months to heal and it can even have long-term effects on your body for the rest of your life if not treated early. So, whenever you work out or exercise, make sure you do it in its proper form.

Neglect is easy, so be aware of these simple things that are actually important determining factor for the success of your program.

It would be best to dissect all the major benefits of form in exercises. Here are the following benefits and their explanations:

1. Prevents injuries. One of the most important benefits of maintaining proper form is it helps prevent injuries. If you are into heavy weight lifting, there is a big risk that your body might be misaligned, where your muscles and tendons would be positioned in an awkward manner. This might cause tears and strains. However, if you maintain proper form, the strains and tears on your muscles can be minimized, which helps you avoid injuries.

2. Targets the right muscle. Weight lifting is about hitting a specific muscle. If you do not follow the right form, you won’t get the optimum result for your work out. You might hit the wrong muscle group and strain the muscle you were trying to workout.

3. Maintains proper breathing. Weight lifting is resistance training and breathing is very important in this type of exercise. With the proper form, you can breathe properly as you lift weights. This helps you avoid heart problems and maintains your blood pressure.

4. Lift Weight better. By following the right form, your muscle will be in the right position to exert more energy. This means with the right form, you can lift more weight. If you do a weight lifting exercise without the right form, your muscle will be angled in the wrong way, which lowers its capacity to lift a load. With the right form, you can carry more weight, which will show better results in a shorter period of time.

5. Gives balance. Without the right form, your core muscles will work extra hard to stabilize your body to avoid injury from happening. All these stabilizing actions will take up most of your energy, which will drastically decrease the effectivity of your work out targeting the specific muscle. Without the proper form, you will have to work overtime and see fewer results.

Reminder: It would be best to do your research first before doing any exercise on your own, so that you will learn about the proper form. You should also consult with a personal trainer to learn proper form. Proper technique is paramount in executing a safe and effective workout.

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