The New You! At Home Workouts for Beginners

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  • September 6, 2013

When we think about exercising our first thought points us to a gym. No doubt, that is the right place to train or at least, where we have more equipment and facility. But it is not, the only place to achieve the body we want. The gym or workout studio is a great place to train, but not everyone has one nearby, and it is necessary for you to adapt it into your schedule.

Training at home is the most economical and convenient way to stay in shape, but requires great discipline. It is difficult to train alongside the couch and the TV, unless you are following our workouts online. Having a strong will to carry out the necessary training is very important, and establishing a routine. Workouts at home will save you time, and can get you great results if done properly.

What do you need to conduct at home workouts?

To train at home you don’t need much, just a space large enough to move freely by 4 feet front to back: any room in which we fit lying and where we can stretch our legs . To be comfortable enough with a mat and, of course, suitable clothing for exercise. The remaining equipment is optional.

Aerobic exercises are a great way to warm up and cool down as well as burn some extra calories. Static on the spot running or jogging, lifting alternating knees to chest and heels toward your buttocks are a good aerobic kick starter to your workout. Another option is to buy an exercise bike, the more accessible and useful machine to have at home. And there’s always the option of going for a run.

Aerobic exercise can be performed before and after muscle toning exercises. And if you are serious about working out at home, you can buy some dumbbells, with which you can work all muscle groups .

How long should I train?

Consistency is crucial to any workout, but if you do it at home the temptations are greater. To achieve good results you should aim to train at least three times a week for a period of approximately one hour, or six times a week with medium to high intensity for half an hour per workout.

How should I train?

Before starting the exercise routine run or bike for 10 – 15 minutes. After this you can follow the next set of exercises. To perform them correctly watch the videos online in our members area or follow the instructions below. On Youtube you can find hundreds of how-to videos for each of the exercises. These are the most basic, but over time you can gradually incorporate many others. Between exercises rest is limited to no more than two minutes.

Squats (3 sets / 10 reps)


Stand with feet straight over your shoulder, your hip starts down as if to sit in a chair. Bending the knees thighs must become parallel to the floor. Over time you do the exercise holding weights in your arms either across the chest or down by your sides.

Pushups (3 sets / 12 reps)

Push Ups

Start with your hands shoulder width apart, palms on the floor. Now lower and raise the chest while keeping your legs straight. Despite being an exercise we’ve all practiced in school it is harder than it looks. If you are starting with training you can “cheat” by supporting the knees on the floor, but try doing full pushups as you begin to improve.

Lunges (2 sets / 14 reps)


The strides are one of the most complete exercises and are present in all workout routines. Keep a semi – squat position with your hands on your hips or down by your sides, and alternately lunge or take a big step forward. The front leg should never exceed 90 degrees. Over time you can do this exercise by holding a dumbbell in each hand.

Tricep Presses (3 sets / 12 reps)

Tricep Dips

For this exercise you need the help of a chair or bench. You put your hands on it and alienate the feet to lower the elbows flexed hip. The exercise can also be done by placing your feet on another bench or chair, so better triceps exercise but do it only when you feel ready.

Arm Lateral Raises (3 sets / 15 reps)

Arm Lateral Raises

Keep both arms straight and lift weight in each hand. If you don’t have dumbbells use pop bottles, pouches or any other weighted items.

Chin ups or Rowing (2 sets / 15 reps)

Rowing or Chin Ups

The back is perhaps the most difficult body part to train at home. Ideally you should have a bar on a door with which to do chin-ups, the most comprehensive exercises to train the back. If you have a bar, or you can install it at home, you can do rowing exercises . For this it is best to use a bench or chair, supporting one knee and with the other arm lifting a weight pulling up. This is the simplest rowing exercise, but there are many others you can learn over time.

Crunches (3 sets / 20 reps)


Although we have all learned to train the abdominals in the traditional way it is now known that the best form of exercise here is doing variety. Incorporate normal crunches with other styles like the following. Lie on the floor on your back, place your hands behind your head, knees and mimics rises pedaling a bicycle. Touch the left knee with the right elbow, then right to left.



After completing the exercises, you can stretch. It is advisable to incorporate another round of aerobic exercise, which is essential if you want to lose weight, and it helps cool you down from the other at home workouts. A good stretch after your workout will help you get more relaxed and avoid injuries. If you would like to ramp up your workouts and achieve tremendous results sign up for our special members area.

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