We are Calcium Deficient!

  • By: admin
  • April 4, 2013

The question is why are we calcium deficient? The main reasons are, vegetation grown in poor soil, stress, and consumption of acidic processed foods. So what do we do to replenish our calcium intakes to ensure we have strong bones, alkaline bodies and better health?
1. Eliminate processed foods.
2. Practice relaxation through positive thinking and breathing exercises. 3. Consuming nutritiously dense sources of organic calcium products (eg. Moringa Leaf or Coral-calcium – both are found in your local health food store.)
Consuming adequate amounts of calcium will allow you to experience a greater feeling of well-being. Also managing your calcium intake and expenditure will help you sustain strong healthy bones, balanced pH and higher energy levels. To get more information, you can subscribe to protrainerlive.com Call or Text “FIT” to 647-694-4207

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