What does a clean diet mean exactly?

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  • February 13, 2014

Simple Ways to Have a Clean Diet

Why a Clean Diet?

Clean Diet

Do you want to eat clean, lose fat, get fit, or simply stay healthy? A clean diet is key to achieving any of these. Basically, eating clean is about not eating processed and refined food, and taking in more whole foods. But there are more things to consider in eating clean. So, what does a clean diet mean?

Eating clean is not about following rigorous eating rules. There is a wide range of definition for what eating clean really means. Eating clean shouldn’t be a stressful discipline for you. It is supposed to be just a simple lifestyle and daily disciplines that you should adopt. It is very easy to eat clean. But the question is, “why are majority of the people not eating clean?” because, it is easier not to.

Clean eating is eating foods as natural as they come. This means, you should avoid processed foods, preservative-filled foods, sugar-loaded foods, and foods that has a lot of bad fats. You should also stay away from foods that have lost their nutritional value due to the process they undergo and the chemicals that are mixed with them. Here are simple things to remember in having a clean diet:

• Eat unrefined, whole-grains
• Eat fresh, organic fruits and vegetables
• Eat only meat that came from livestock fed with grass
• Eat more vegetable meals than meat every week
• Drink plenty of water
• Stay away from drinks filled with calories
• Don’t fall for diet soda
• Maintain healthy cooking options including steaming, baking, etc.
• Take in healthy fats from nuts, coconut oil, avocados and other natural sources

Knowing what to eat and what not to eat is very important in clean eating. Here are the explanations of the basic principles in having a clean diet:

• Eat whole foods that have not yet gone through manufacturing plants and processing labs. Eat foods that came directly from the farm including whole
fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy products, free-range meats, seeds, unsalted nuts, etc.

• Avoiding processed foods mean minimize eating foods that has a label. These are foods that have two or more ingredients. You don’t have to
eliminate these foods in your diet; you can still eat natural cheese and whole grain pasta. But if there is a six syllable unpronounceable chemical
or ingredient included in the label, and then better stay away from that food.

• Refined sugar can only give you calories. It would be best to minimize or cut off the use of this type of sugar in your eating plan.

• Eat five to six smaller meals everyday. This will help you avoid eating too much, especially those preservative-filled foods.

• By cooking your own meals, you will be more conscious on the foods you mix in your menu. This way you can control the food you feed to yourself and
your family.

• To avoid hunger pangs, it would be best to combine carbohydrates and protein in your meals.

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