What is Happiness, What Does Happiness Mean?

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  • March 24, 2014

A lot of us have been believing a lie. We’ve bought into the myth that joy is something all of us achieve when everything within our life finally looks the way in which we have been thinking it will. Cue the romantic relationship, ring, job, big house, wardrobe, holidays, beauty products, weight reduction. But here’s the process: These things on it’s own do not create enduring happiness, so happiness becomes this elusive thing that people desire but never understand how to attain.

The fact is, happiness is not circumstantial. And this is the point to always remember. It means we do not have to wait for everything to become perfect, nor do we control anything beyond ourselves to be able to feel a particular way. Becoming conscious of this truth is really a total game-changer, since it means we may choose happiness with this moment. And something beautiful happens whenever we do this: Whenever we feel happy first, our outward encounter begins to shift with techniques we’d only imagined.

Let’s discuss exactly how people can totally reset their attitude towards happiness and share three strategies for cultivating happiness on the inside, out.

It’s easy to fall under the trap associated with thinking that we are happy as quickly as everything within our lives is precisely the way we want them to be, and how the solution to happiness is that people must keep working harder to manage these external situations to make them work. But whenever we make things occur (lose the pounds, get the romantic relationship, get the raise) inside a condition in which we’re needing them in order to fill us upward, validate us, or even make us really feel whole and total, these changes won’t end up being sustainable. We may realize these things on the outside never help to make us happy in the end.

How to End up being Truly Happy



The truth is, self-love is the actual baseline of joy. Now I know the term “self-love” sounds selfish and weird at the same time. But when we live from the pure space associated with self-love, we can achieve sustainable joy, because our inner feelings of large quantity will reflect for us as beautiful relationships, purpose-driven function, and financial independence. In short, self-love puts us about the fast track in order to healing. Our work would be to clear out the fearful perceptions as well as shift them to a loving viewpoint on life, that reveals our excellence and wholeness.

We never have to be fixed and there is nothing wrong with us. These are simply the stories we have been telling ourselves. When we forget about our limiting values, we can lastly experience freedom, joy, and our greatest potential.

Learning in order to Feel Happy Inside

Here, I share three practical methods to cultivate more joy within and produce a life beyond your own wildest dreams.

1. Interact with Yourself

Slow down and be quiet enough to hear your inner manual. Listen to your intuition, and spend less time hearing other people’s views or the noisy, critical voice within your own mind which frequently manifests as rushing thoughts or panic. One of the greatest practices for cultivating a chance to hear your internal guiding system is actually meditation. If finding time to sit quietly isn’t realistic right now, an even less complicated life-changing practice would be to make daily routine activities such as cleaning our teeth or even standing in line in the grocery store a period for quiet representation. In these times, ask for assistance and listen for many clear answers from yourself.

Whenever we flex our religious muscle and interact with ourselves, it gives us use of an inner large quantity of wisdom as well as knowledge you’ll recognize it like a quiet, calm understanding voice. This inner supply of wisdom will usually guide us to the best possible measures.

2. Set an Intention to become Happy

Despite what we was taught, happiness is really as simple as just choosing to become happy. When we genuinely realize this, that happiness is really a choice we instantly are empowered in every situation, whether it’s the relationship, job, or pattern of thinking which has been creating judgments, be it concern, doubt, fear, or even confusion. The moment we decide to perceive things differently by selecting a loving perception associated with ourselves, others, as well as our circumstances, we not just strengthen our capability to feel happy and positive we additionally open ourselves to as much limitless possibilities where there was previously no answer. A creative circulation reveals itself, and we’re in a position to experience more relief and less stress instantly.

This can be a lifelong practice, simply because when we’re not really monitoring our ideas, they have the tendency of veering back to fear and be concerned. One of the easiest and most profound ways we are able to align with loving perceptions every day is to practice setting a purpose every morning whenever we wake up. This intention can be quite simple: Just tell yourself, I select happiness and feel this.

3. Surrender

The majority of us don’t know exactly what surrender means. It’s the opposite from the way a lot of us operate, which is by trying to control outcomes and situations and also to make things occur. In contrast, surrender occurs whenever we release our have to control things, and instead decide to place a higher-level of trust and faith along the way of life.

Whenever we tap into this particular relaxed energy, we allow what we desire in order to flow to us inside a miraculous way. The task, relationship, or whatever we’re envisioning and desiring for the lives is just about all on its way and whenever we surrender our plans for that timeline and the shape in which we think it will arrive, we allow a level bigger and better outcome to occur. When we aren’t fearfully boxing ourselves in, we can fearlessly set limitless possibilities for joy in order to enter our life.

Becoming Happy: The Takeaway

Through connecting with ourselves, setting intentions to become happy, and surrendering towards the natural flow associated with life, we may breathe a sigh associated with relief, trusting and understanding that everything is unfolding within perfect, divine timing and the only real work we have to do is to get free from our own method and let existence happen, why, because joy is not our goal but our reason for being.

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