Why everyone needs a trainer!

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  • August 30, 2013
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There are many different health practitioners that we see. Doctors, Dentists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, but the one we spend the most time with is our Trainer. Finding a really awesome Trainer should be everyone’s first goal if they are looking to achieve optimal fitness and health. Having proper instruction from a well versed Trainer is very important. An experienced Trainer administers appropriate training and guidance on food selection, supplements and appropriate exercises for your body type. In addition they also teach you effective stress management skills that show you how to interpret and manage stress on an everyday basis. There are many types of Trainers with various levels of expertise. Some Trainers do sport specific training with swimming, basketball etc…. and some are more geared to working with children. No matter what their specification may be, they are all trained to maximize the health and fitness within the group they specialize in.

How do you choose a Trainer that best suits your needs?

First thing in selecting a Trainer is you need to find a Trainer who has accomplished the goal that you desire to meet. Whether it’s sport, health or fitness related. When looking at a trainer for the first time you should first consider the results they yield by looking through their portfolio. Some Trainers have degrees, some are former athletes with Training certification, and there are some that are regular everyday people that have a general interest in fitness which also have a certification. One thing you want to be sure of is how many hours of training experience they have. Training experience is “King”! A Trainer with experience is a confident Trainer and less likely to make rookie mistakes when working with you, most likely keep you safe, give you proper recommendations based on their experience, as well as get you to your goals faster.
In life there are 2 things that you should never manage on your own. One is your money and the second is your health. Those who do manage these things on their own without expertise, usually end up broke and unhealthy later in life. Donald Trump is a successful business man right? But he still has business coaches who advise him day to day on how to maximize profits. And what is more important than money? Of course our health is. Without good health we can’t enjoy our time or money. So when you are looking at improving your health, you definitely should look into finding a health coach/Trainer who has the expertise to expanding your health and overall performance.

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