Why Maintaining A Healthy Body Image Is Important

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  • May 12, 2014
Body Image

Body Image

If you have a good body image, you will feel good concerning your body both, in the way it appears as well as the way your body functions. Having a good body image is important for your self-confidence, self-worth and your self-acceptance. Having a negative body image can cause you to be more likely to fall victim to eating disorders and mood disorders. A good body image can cause you to live a better, happier life. Here’s how.

What Your Body Image Means

Your body image is how you see your personal body, regardless of how others may view it. Your body image is not always associated with reality. Your body may be beautiful but if all you can see is a body that’s ugly, then you would have a poor body image. Flipping the coin, if you see yourself as having a good body image, then you’re going to like how you look and feel, regardless of what others think.

A Poor Body Image Can Influence You

A person with a poor body image likely has problems accepting themselves as they are. Self-acceptance is essential to a having a good body image. If you can accept yourself, you are perfectly fine with how you are, and you’re happy as such. Of course, that does not mean you’ll think you are perfect in every way with no need to change things; accepting yourself will allow you to make changes that are reasonable in order to improve yourself, but you won’t hate your body before making the changes.

Emotional and mental disorders, such as depression, eating disorders, and anxiety, have been linked to having a poor body image. A poor body image can cause turmoil on your emotions, causing you to feel lesser than others. It may cause to a low self-esteem as well as the fear of being intimate, which can cause problems with your interpersonal relationships.

A Good Body Image Can Also Influence You

Having a healthy, good body image will help you accept yourself. You know you’re not absolutely perfect, but you’re aware neither is anyone else. You have reasonable expectations for yourself and standards you hold yourself to. Having a good body image will make you happy just the way you are. You like how your body feels and looks. You won’t feel a need to lose weight, tone up, or fix anything with plastic surgery. Of course, you may decide to continue exercising and losing weight to improve yourself, but in the interest of health and other factors, rather than improving your self-worth.

Having a healthy, good body image can lead to being healthy and mentally and emotionally stable. You’ll be able to enjoy having more self-esteem, confidence, and self-awareness. You’ll lower your chances of having anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and other emotional or mental disorders. And you’ll be more relaxed about showing off your body, helping you enjoy your more intimate relationships.

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