Workouts During Bad Weather

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  • August 16, 2014

Bad Weather Workouts

Neither rain nor snow should stop you from doing some indoor workouts. Here are 7 ideas to try. Nice, sunny days are the types of days where you feel like getting out and doing exercises, but cloudy rainy days will keep you wanting to stay in. The big challenge is to bring an outdoor workout indoors when
the day is cold and grim. But how?

There are some hidden benefits in bringing your workouts indoors. Trying new exercises at your trainer studio may add more interest into working out, but will also add some health benefits too.

The major ticket to keeping involved with your fitness is keeping your workouts exciting by having some variety. This not only keeps you from being bored but also gives you options on the dreary days.

Indoor workouts can actually be a bit more well-rounded. Outside, you may only jog and enjoy the view but indoors, you may try new things, such as yoga.
Trainer studios have many new types of services and programs to look into, including mind and body fitness classes, like yoga, tai chi, and pilates. Health and fitness clubs offering yoga classes have expanded from 30% to 86% since 1990. With these new services and classes, more people have been interested in working out and membership has increased twice as much since 1990. Due to this, the industry has been identifying what clients want and evolving.

There are different types of workouts you can do at your trainer studio which may assist you in diversifying your workouts, some of which include:

Body Sculpt
Free-weights as well as some mat exercises in order to condition certain specific areas of your body.

Jumping Rope
This cardiovascular workout isn’t just for children.

Weight Loss Boot Camp
Super fast paced exercises to tone the muscles and get the heart pumping.

No matter what shape or size. You may find meditation and seated breathing-based exercises, or sequences that are aerobics-based.

Conditioning exercises in order to develop more strength in your core regions, the abdominals and your back. Lengthening the spine as well
as generally building more muscle tone.

Come check out our Yoga and Weight Loss boot camps and see the difference a great indoor workout can make on your mind and body.

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