Your Home is Like a Gym Full of Equipment

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  • August 23, 2013

Building a home gym is the ultimate luxury that anyone would enjoy. Having the ability to workout at home with a full gym available at your disposal is great, but not everyone can afford to buy a home gym as it would cost them a fortune. Not to mention, many of us don’t have the sufficient space to spare in our apartment or home for an entire home gym. If you are someone who likes to spend the least amount of money to get the maximum health benefit then read the rest of this article. Finding creative ways to workout at home has its own advantages, you can work out any time you like and make your own workout schedule. Do you know that we spend a lot of time and energy on house hold work and if you try to incorporate exercises into your household tasks whenever possible then you can get sufficient exercise to keep yourself healthy as well as get the household work done efficiently.

Stair Climbing is Better Than a Treadmill

Climb Stairs for a Great At Home Workout

Workout at Home | Climb Stairs

If you live in a two storied building then you know that you burn a lot of energy while climbing up and down the stairs. Now you can burn the calories faster than using a treadmill by using your own staircase. Here is what you need to do. Step up into the first stair then take one step back down. Do this a couple of times and then take two steps up and two steps down. Repeat them as long as you want or do it in any kind of repetition that you are comfortable with. If you keep on doing the exercise more than 7 minutes then you will begin to sweat. Sweating means you are burning a lot of calories to produce the energy required to do the exercise. This is good. If you keep this up for 2 months or so you will see a physical difference and develop endurance and stamina. Here is an example routine you can do with a twelve step staircase.

1) Single step – up and down X 2
2) Two Steps – up and down X 2
3) Three Steps – up and down X 2
4) Four Steps – up and down X 2
5) Five Steps – up and down X 2

Continue each level until you complete all 12 steps. It should take you about 5 minutes or so but you will have done 156 steps within that time frame burning well over a hundred calories! Amazing for a five minute workout at home. Complete 3 sets of these and you’ve spent about 15 to 20 minutes burning of an excess of 300 calories.

Laundry Lifts are Better than Pull Ups

Laundry Lift | At Home Workouts

Washing your laundry has never been this fun. Your laundry basket can provide good exercise to your arms. You can fill your laundry basket with a sufficient amount of cloths so that you can lift it and do exercises with it. Now take the laundry basket and hold it above your head. Lift it upwards and downwards, try to do this as many times as possible. Now swing the laundry basket to your left and move your upper body along with the swing and do the same swing on the right. Doing this would increase the strength and shape of your shoulder muscles. You can also use the laundry basket in such a way that you are lifting weight with both your hands. Doing this exercise would strengthen your biceps. Doing this regular exercise with your laundry basket can give you some shapely arms and shoulders.

Exercises While Watching TV

Commercial Break Exercises

You can exercise during commercial breaks. Dips are a great commercial break exercise. Do some dips with the help of your chair or couch. It’s a very good exercise to keep your upper body fit. Do Lunges or see how many squats you can do. Squats are one of the best exercises you can do to strengthen major muscles in your lower body. Challenge yourself to break the record of Squats that you did on the previous Commercial break. These are great ways to motivate you to make exercises without equipment fun and exciting. You can also do light cardio exercise in these Commercial breaks; it helps to relieve a lot of stress after a hard day’s work.

Rolling Chair Presses at your Home Office Table

Rolling Chair Presses

If you use a rolling chair on your home office then you can do Rolling chair presses every 50 minutes or so. Just hold on the edge of the table and use your arm to push and pull yourself away and against the table. This is a good exercise for your biceps as well as it removes the stiffness that you suffered by concentrating for almost an hour on your work.

Dance While Doing Household Work

Dance Workout At Home

Dancing is one of the best cardio exercises you can do at home, and the most fun. Play music and dance while doing your household chores. It helps you to burn up a lot of calories and get energized while doing the chores. Try a samba with a mop or a tango with a vacuum. Whatever you do don’t do ballet on the stairs, that’s a recipe for injury.

Remember fitness doesn’t have to be a chore. Workout at home and find innovative ways to perform your daily activities and incorporate fitness into them, you’ll be glad you did. To learn more about how to workout at home and achieve tremendous results go here. Keep fit and have fun!

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